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  • ESbiothrin


  • Description:
  • Esbiothrin content:

    Min. 93%.


    Yellow to brown viscous liquid.


    Max. 0.20%.

    Acidity (as H2SO4) :

    Max. 0.20%.

  • Description

Product name: Esbiothrin
Other name: Es-Bioallethrin
Chemical name: (R,S)-3-allyl-2-methyl-4-oxocyclopent-2-enyl-(1R,3R)-2,2-dimehtyl-dimethyl-3-(2-methylprop-1-enyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate
Chemical family: Synthetic Pyrethroids
CAS number: 84030-86-4
Molecular formula: C19H26O3
Molecular weight: 302.42

Purity: 93% Min.
Appearance: Yellow to brown viscous liquid.
Odour: Faint characteristic odour.
Flash point: 111℃
Density: 1.00-1.02 g/mL (20℃).
Vapor pressure: 3.3 x 10-2Pa(20℃); 30.7 x 10-2Pa(150℃).
Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient: Log Pow = 4.70
Solubility: Dissolved in water. Easily dissolved in organic solvents.
Stability: Can be stored over 2 years in normal condition, alkaline and ultraviolet radiation can drive it decompose.

Esbiothrin is a pyrethroid insecticide, with a broad spectrum of activity, acting by contact and characterized by a strong knock-down effect, it is active on most flying and crawling insects, in particular mosquitoes, flies, wasps, horners, cockroaches, fleas bugs, ants, etc. Esbiothrin is widely used in the manufacture of insecticide mats, mosquito coils and liquid emanators, it can be used alone or combined with another insecticide, such as Bioresmethrin, Permethrin or Deltamethrin and with or without a synergist (Piperonyl Butoxide) insolutions.

Mosquito coils: The recommended dosages for use in coils are between 0.07% to 0.15%.
Mats: 20-60 mg/mat with central temperature of heater controlled between 149-165℃.
Aerosols: 0.2-0.4 g/l in mixture with lethal agent, synergist and emulsifier.
Liquid electric thermal incense: 2-3% in mixture with stabilizer.

Acute toxicity
Swallowed: LD50 (rat) = 378 - 432 mg/kg;
Skin: LD50 (rat) > 2000 mg/kg;
Inhalation: LC50 rat (4 hour) = 2.63 mg/L of air.
Eye irritancy: Slight irritating.
Skin irritancy: Slight irritating.
Sensitisation: Non sensitising.
Long term toxicity: Non teratogenic, non mutagenic, non carcinogenic.

Esbiothrin is supplied in the packaging described below:
PVF-lined Steel drums, standard size (net weight) -- 25 kg.