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Insect Repellent
  • Diethyltoluamide


  • Description:
  • Diethyl Toluamide (DEET) content:

    Min. 99%.


    Colourless liquid.

    N,N-diethyl benzamide:

    Max. 0.3%.

    Specific gravity (25) :


    Refractive index (25) :


    Water content:

    Max. 0.2%.

    Neutralisation number (mgKOH/g) :

    Max. 0.2

    Color (APHA) :

    Max. 50

  • Description

Product name: Diethyltoluamide
Other name: DEET; Diethyl Toluamide
Chemical name: N,N-Diethyl-M-Toluamide
Chemical family: Alkyl amide
CAS number: 134-62-3
Molecular formula: C12H17NO
Molecular weight: 191.27

Purity: 99% Min.
Appearance: Colourless liquid.
Odour: Practically odorless.
Boiling point: 288.0 - 292.0℃
Flash point: 155℃ (ASTM D 92)
Density: 0.992 - 0.999 (25℃)
Vapor pressure: < 0.01 mm Hg @ 25℃
Solubility: Practically insoluble in water. Miscible with ethanol, cottonseed oil, isopropanol, propylene glycol and other organic solvents.
Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures. Incompatible with alkalis, strong oxidizing agents, strong bases, strong acids, strong reducing agents.

Diethyltoluamide (DEET; N,N-Diethyl-M-Toluamide) is a broad-spectrum insect repellent, effective against most biting insects regardless of geographic location. It repels mosquitoes, sand flies, gnats, chiggers, tick, deer flies and fleas. Applied to the skin, it offers hours of protection. As a repellent on clothing, it usually provides protection for several days.

Acute toxicity
LD50 acute oral for rats is 2000 mg/kg.
LD50 acute oral for rabbits is 1584 mg/kg.
LD50 acute dermal for rabbits is 3180 mg/kg.
LC50 inhalation for rats is > 4100 mg/m3.
Skin irritancy: (rabbits and dogs) 1000 mg/kg daily for 90 days mild irritation.

200 kgs/drum.